Vita Industrial Training academy

Student Policies

Students should review the VITA Industrial Training Academy policies below.

Class Add/Drop Policy


Students are allowed to add or drop classes prior to the start of class for a full refund. If students choose to do so, they may apply their tuition toward an alternate class. If withdrawals are made after the start of class, then the tuition refund policy must be observed. A $75 non-refundable enrollment fee may be deducted from refunds.



It is Vita Industrial Training Academy's (V.I.T.A.) policy that there will be no re-entrance to a training course for a student dismissed for unsatisfactory progress. The refund policy will apply. If the student chooses to re-enter one of V.I.T.A.'s programs in another scheduled class, and the student corrects the area(s) in which they were deficient, they must submit a written request for admission to the Director of Admissions and/or CEO of V.I.T.A. for approval. If approval is granted the student shall provide the published tuition and associated fees for the program.



Vita Industrial Training Academy's (V.I.T.A.) follows the guidelines set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for CDL programs and DOT Equivalent drug tests for all other programs. There are five situations where testing can be done to determine the presence of alcohol and/or drugs. V.I.T.A. reserves the right to implement any of these procedures to its students, in compliance with FHWA standards and regulations.

  1. Pre-employment (Pre-enrollment)
  2. Post-accident
  3. Random
  4. Reasonable suspicion
  5. Return-to-duty and follow-up

Vita Industrial Training Academy's (V.I.T.A.) adheres to a strict zero tolerance of drugs and alcohol, to include synthetic drugs, while students are attending training. Possession, consumption, being perceptibly under the influence, or furnishing alcoholic beverages on campus property or at any V.I.T.A. facility or sponsored events, is prohibited. If a student is staying at an V.I.T.A. contracted dormitory/hotel facility and evidence of drug or alcohol paraphernalia is found by V.I.T.A. staff or contracted dormitory/hotel facility staff the student will be immediately expelled. If V.I.T.A. staff or contracted dormitory/hotel facility staff observe intoxicated behaviors the student will immediately be expelled.



This contract is legally binding when signed by the student and accepted by Vita Industrial Training Academy's (V.I.T.A.) The student has the right to cancel the enrollment contract until the first day of instruction.

A student may cancel enrollment until the close of business on the first day of program instruction and receive a refund of all monies paid including the enrollment fee. To cancel, please notify the V.I.T.A. admissions staff in writing, in person, or by a personal phone call. A student, who cancels enrollment after the close of business on the first day of program instruction is entitled to an equitable refund less the enrollment fee and cost for books and materials. All refunds to a student will be made with-in 30 days after receipt of notification of the student’s withdrawal, or 30 days after the student’s last recorded date of physical attendance, whichever is earlier. Any V.I.T.A. borrowed materials must be returned to V.I.T.A. in excellent condition before an y certifications will be issued or if not returned, student will be charged for the cost of materials. If students’ funding source, i.e. VA Educational Benefits, Scholarship Funding, Corporate Sponsorship, etc. does not fulfill their portion of the obligated funds, you as the student are responsible for these fees and your certifications and/or licenses may be held until payment is received. Refunds calculated from the last date of physical attendance are as follows:

  1. Within the First Day of Class, the institution shall refund 100% of the tuition;
  2. 2% -10% of Program Completed, the institution shall refund 90% of the tuition;
  3. 11-20% of Program Completed, the institution shall refund 80% of the tuition;
  4. 21-25% of Program Completed, the institution shall refund 55% of the tuition;
  5. 26-50% of Program Completed, the institution shall refund 30% of the tuition;
  6. 51-100% of Program Completed, the institution shall refund 0% of the tuition;

Requests for tuition refunds must be made at the time of withdrawal. V.I.T.A., as signatory on the enrollment contract, is subject to all claims and defenses of the student or the student’s successors in interest, arising under the contract.



V.I.T.A. takes photos and videotapes of students throughout the year. These photographs often include students in classrooms, study areas, lounge areas, and at special events. V.I.T.A. reserves the right to use these photographs as a part of its publicity and marketing efforts. Students who enroll at V.I.T.A. do so with the understanding that these photographs might include them and might be used in publications, both printed and electronic, and for publicity purposes.



Grievance Policy / Student Complaints:

  1. Complaints/concerns by students should be addressed initially with the instructor. If a student feels his/her concerns have not been addressed or met in this way, he/she is encouraged to make a written statement outlining the details of the matter and provide any relevant supporting documentation, including steps taken to resolve the issue with the instructor. The statement can be hand delivered to either office in Palmer or Anchorage, or through the student.grievance@ email.
  2. Written statements are submitted to the program director. The program director will contact the student to discuss the complaint as written.
  3. If the student feels further consideration is warranted, the student will be directed to contact the Director of Administration, who will conduct a meeting/conference with the student and the program director. The Director of Administration will make every effort to achieve a final resolution.
  4. Further appeals may be referred to the CEO and Executive Vice President.
  5. Written notification of student concerns or grievance and the resolution will be placed in the student file.  Every effort is made to keep all student concerns and resolutions confidential. However, fact finding interviews with other students and/or witnesses may need to be conducted. All parties involved will be informed of the confidential nature of the inquiry.

Further appeal may be made to the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education, PO Box 110505 Juneau, Alaska 99811 Final appeals may be made to the Council on Occupational Education (COE) at 7840 Roswell Road Building 300, Suite 325 Atlanta, Georgia 30350,

Student Grievance Form



No student may possess a weapon on the premises of any V.I.T.A. facility, or in the portion of any other building occupied by V.I.T.A.. The term weapon includes firearms, knives and chemical agents such as mace and pepper spray. The unapproved use, possession, or sale of firearms, explosives (including firecrackers), dangerous chemicals or other dangerous weapons is prohibited at all V.I.T.A. facilities.



Regular attendance is crucial to successful completion and personal development. Due to the intensity of the training, and the personal development taught in our school, all students must maintain regular class attendance. Failure to meet required attendance may result in non issuance of certifications. All students are required to contact V.I.T.A. if they are unable to attend class for any reason. Unexcused, consistent tardiness or absences will result in dismissal. All absences are unexcused unless prior arrangements were made with V.I.T.A. staff. A tardy can be counted at either the beginning of the day or returning from lunch. Students who have an illness during class, which prevents his/her attendance, may be subject to a refund in accordance with the enrollment contract. Additionally, the student may be rescheduled into another class, providing an opening exists. These two conditions will be considered only if the student can provide written documentation from an attending physician that justifies a continued absence. V.I.T.A. reserves the right to further investigate any claims of illness. In the event the documentation is not received within one day of absence or the documentation does not satisfy V.I.T.A.’s administration, the student will be expelled. Our policy pertaining to tardiness and absences is as follows:

8 Weeks or less Training Programs

Programs that are 8 weeks or less in length have an allowable combined tardy/absence policy of 4.

  1. The second tardy/absence will result in a verbal warning.
  2. The third tardy/absence will result in a written counseling.
  3. The fourth tardy/absence will result in termination from programs eight (8) weeks or less in length.

9 Weeks or Longer Training Programs

Programs that are 9 weeks or longer in length have an allowable combined tardy/absence policy of 6.

  1. The second/third tardy/absence will result in a verbal warning.
  2. The fourth/fifth tardy/absence will result in a written counseling.
  3. The sixth tardy/absence will result in termination from programs nine (9) weeks or more in length.




Northern Industrial Training cannot guarantee that credits are transferable. The transfer of credits is at the discretion of the receiving school and depends on the comparability of curriculum, accreditation and/or education credits for the purpose of shortening program time. Each NIT training program requires a minimum number of hours and is strictly adhered to.


Appropriate previous training and work experience will be evaluated during a student’s admissions interview for programs four weeks long or longer. At that time the school and the student will agree on the programs that need to be completed. Credit for experience or training is not applied to hours required for training, but taken into consideration when selecting an appropriate program. Evaluating a student’s credit will allow V.I.T.A. to properly place the student into the correct level of the selected program. All programs require a minimum number of hours and is strictly adhered.

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